There's still some good in this world,
but I'm no longer a part of it.

You said we were friends.
I'm sick of talking to a wall.
I won't be there anymore.
And, no, you can't cry.

I don't need your lack of self-confidence,
your lack of consequence,
the emptiness of your soul,
to haunt me anymore.

Please open up your heart.
Get a life.
Stop moaning.
Stop thinking your life is terrible.

The truth is : You are terrible.
That's all.
Don't try to act like you can do it.
You can't.

You're a waste.
And, no, I don't love you.
And you don't need to know,
because you've always ignored me when you felt like it.
And now I'm free and safe
and the world is wonderful when you're not around.

And, ho, I almost forgot :
Get the fuck out of here.